Hallwylska Museet
The Hallwyl Palace was built in the years 1893-1898 as a private home for the count and countess von Hallwyl. The building was declared a historical monument in 1949 and today the museum displays well preserved interiors and large collections of art as well as handicraft.
Hamngatan 4 | S-111 47 Stockholm | P:+46 8-(0)519 555 99 | www.hallwylskamuseet.se

Kalmar Läns Museem
Kalmar is one of the oldest cities in the country and one of the most important medieval towns in its time. Kalmar county museum today displays one of biggest treasure of gold coins in Sweden. The museum also has a vast collection of findings from the Royal ship Kronan that sank in 1676, one of the greatest naval catastrophes ever in Swedish history.
Skeppsbrogatan 51 | S-391 21 Kalmar |P: +46 (0)480-451 300 | www.kalmarlansmuseum.se

The Royal Armoury is an award-winning museum situated in an atmospheric cellar vault beneath the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The museum displays a variety of magnificent costumes in gold-brocade from coronations and royal weddings, gilded carriages, weapons and armour.
Slottsbacken 3 | S-111 30 Stockholm | P:+46 (0)8-519 555 44 | www.lsh.se/livrustkammaren

Lödöse Museum
Lödöse Museum is an archaeological museum opened in 1965. The main exhibition displays archaeological findings reflecting the life in the medieval town of Lödöse, one of Sweden's most prosperous cities in the 1200 century thanks to its location next to Göta Älv.
Museivägen 1 | S-463 71 Lödöse | P:+46 (0)520- 66 10 10 | www.alvlanmus.se/lodose

BEH Bengt Hallberg| P.O 955 | SE-731 29 Koping | Sweden | P:+46(0)221-844 40 | info@behguldsmide.se